How to Become a Candidate

Once you decide what office you want to run for, check to make sure you meet the qualifications for that office.  Visit this website for details:

If you are planning to run in a primary, you should check with your preferred political party to make sure thatFlag with White Background from Pixabay you meet their definition of a “bona fide” member of that party.

Once you have decided which office you are going to run for, you need to pick up a petition from  the Tipton County Election Commission.  Petitions must be picked up in person although it may be picked up by someone other than the candidate.  However, the candidate must sign the center section of the petition.  It cannot be signed by a campaign representative.

The next step is to obtain 25 valid signatures from registered voters who live in your district. Get extra signatures; many will not be valid and each one is validated by the Election Commission.

Once you have the signatures, return the petition to our office.  Please note that the deadline is always Noon on the deadline date. We recommend bringing the petition back as soon as possible. In case there aren’t enough valid signatures, you will have time to get more.

After we verify the signatures on the petition, you will be notified about the status of your petition. If your petition has sufficient signatures, it will be presented to the Tipton County Election Commission for certification.  Once the Election Commission has certified the petition, your name will be on the ballot.

Should you change your mind about running, you must withdraw your petition before the withdrawal deadline.  Otherwise, your name will appear on the ballot.