The Tipton County Election Commission

P.O. Box 456 113 East Church Street
Covington, TN 38019-0456 (901)476-0223
Cindy Pinner, Administrator of Elections

Theta K. Rone, Chairman
Chris Brent, Commissioner
Kay Bergen, Commissioner
Jimmy Vandergrift, Commissioner
Letitia Wilson, Secretary

These Unofficial Election Results are posted for your information
by the Tipton County Election Commission.
Every effort is made to provide the latest and most accurate results.
As the results are processed, we will update this site.

Please click the links below to see the current election results.
Election Summary
NE Covington (Precinct 1)
SE Covington (Precinct 3)
Tipton West (Precinct 6)
Atoka (Precinct 11)
Munford (Precinct 12)
SW Tipton (Precinct 14)
Austin Peay (Precinct 19)
W Wilkinsville (Precinct 21)
Brighton (Precinct 22)