Fire Prevention

Mission Statement
The mission of the Tipton County Fire Department is to provide the highest quality fire-rescue prevention, protection and suppression services for our residents; to achieve and maintain the most attractive ISO rating for residential and commercial structures so that fire insurance premiums are minimized; and to provide educational and other services to Tipton County and its visitors.

We aim to meet the emergency needs of our County and to conduct ourselves as professionals with compassion and efficiency.

Fire Districts
Tipton County includes 11 Fire Districts with 5 Full-Time and 6 Volunteer.

Click here for a map showing the County Fire Districts.

Atoka Fire Department
Atoka Station 1-  108 McLaughlin Drive, Atoka Station 3 - 681 Walker Pkwy., Atoka TN 38004, 901.837.5960, Fire Chief Henry Posey, ISO 3/3x, Size of District: 16.6 square miles / Number of Personnel: 16 full-time and 8 volunteer

Brighton Fire Department
66 School St, Brighton TN, 38011, 901.475.6536, Fire Chief Ricky Russell, ISO 4/4x, Size of District: 31.6 square miles / Number of Personnel: 4 full-time and 15 volunteers

Charleston Volunteer Fire Department
1845 Davis Rd, Covington TN, 38019, 901.476.4300, Fire Chief Rueben Miller, ISO 6/7, Size of District: 57.7 square miles / Number of Personnel: 15

Covington Fire Department
North Station - 100 Tennessee Ave, South Station - 100 Mueller Brass Rd, Covington TN, 38019, 901.475.2578, Fire Chief Richard Griggs, ISO 2/2x, Size of District: 95.5 square miles / Number of Personnel: 25 full-time

Garland Volunteer Fire Department
1195 Garland Rd, Covington TN, 38019, 901.476.8430, Fire Chief Wayne Wolfe, ISO 7/9, Size of District: 22.4 square miles / Number of Personnel: 15 volunteers

Gilt Edge Volunteer Fire Department
9149 Munford Giltedge Rd, Burlison TN, 38015, 901.476.2971, Fire Chief Brandon Fletcher, ISO 4, Size of District: 50.7 square miles / Number of Personnel: 14 volunteers

Mason Volunteer Fire Department
12157 Main St, Mason TN, 38049, 901.294.2344, Fire Chief Tanner Jenkins, ISO 7, Size of District: 1.96 square miles / Number of Personnel: 5 volunteers

Munford Fire Department
Munford Station - 1396 Munford Ave, Munford TN, 38058, Fire Chief Alan Barkelew, ISO 4/4x, Size of District: 26.1 square miles / Number of Personnel: 10 full-time, 1 part time and 15 volunteer

Quito Volunteer Fire Department
Quito #1 - 71 Quito Rd, Millington TN 38053, 901.835.3939, Fire Chief Troy Patterson, ISO 6, Size of District: 35 square miles / Number of Personnel: 15 volunteers

Three Star Volunteer Fire Department
2050 Sadler School Rd, Brighton TN, 38011, 901.476.8183, Fire Chief Jim Long, ISO 5, Size of District: 52.4 square miles / Number of Personnel: 20 volunteers

Fire Chief Jon Piercey
Tipton County Fire Department
261 Tate Rd
Drummonds, TN. 38023
901-835-3939 Office
901-440-7812 Cell