UPDATED February 26:  COVID-19 Vaccination Process Provided by the Health Department


As of  February 22, 2021, Tipton County has added those who are age 65 and up to our vaccination phase. If you, or someone you know, fall into this category, you may get on the waitlist by visiting https://covid19.tn.gov/vaccine_phase/tipton-county/ or calling 1-866-442-5301.

Please remember...
• Vaccine supply is limited
• Only those who are in the current vaccine phase or age group may register for the waitlist
• As soon as vaccine becomes available, you will receive appointment information
• Information surrounding vaccine and availability is very fluid and may change quickly, without notice. We encourage you to follow closely for updates.

Tipton County Current Eligible Phases...
• 1a1
• 1a2
• 1b
• 65 yrs old and up

ALL COVID-19 VACCINATIONS WILL NOW BE GIVEN AT COBB PARR PARK IN COVINGTON FOR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS ONLY (ENTRANCE IS OFF OF BERT JOHNSTON AVE).  You do NOT need to schedule an appointment for the 2nd vaccine, the Health Department will contact you with an appointment time. PLEASE, if you are in line to receive a vaccine, HAVE YOUR ARM READY!! We are trying to move people as quick as possible and having to get out of your vehicle to take a coat, shirt, off kills the process on time.

2021-01-13_Drive Thru COVID Vaccine_Letter

The number one question that’s being asked now is “Do I need to call to set appointment for 2nd vaccine”? According to the TN Dept. of Health, the answer is NO the TDH will call you with an appointment time.

Question 2. Will they run out of vaccines before I get my 2nd dose? According to the TDH, the answer is NO, they have reserved your second vaccine, and it will be the same kind/brand as the first vaccine.

If you do not get your 2nd vaccine exactly on the scheduled day that is on your card, it is ok to run 2-3 days past. What cannot happen is to get your vaccine any time prior to the scheduled 2nd date.

Tennesseans can follow a simple, three-step process to learn when they’re eligible for vaccination and register for a vaccination appointment.
Find Your Phase
Tennesseans can find out what phase of the vaccination plan they’re in by visiting https://covid19.tn.gov/covid-19-vaccines/eligibility/.

Find the Phase Your County is Vaccinating
To learn what phase your county is vaccinating, visit https://covid19.tn.gov/covid-19-vaccines/vaccine-phases/. 

Register for a Vaccination Appointment
People who are in a phase currently being vaccinated in their county can register online at https://covid19.tn.gov/vaccine_phase/tipton-county/ for an appointment time to receive a vaccination through their county health department.  Those who register will be asked to enter their name and contact information to be notified of their appointment date, time and location as soon as vaccine becomes available.

Individuals who do not have access to the internet or a computer may call 866-442-5301.