Part-Time Firefighter Openings

The Tipton County Fire Department located in Drummonds TN, currently has positions open for Part-Time Firefighters. Minimum requirements are BEMT and FF2 certifications. Also, we require a minimum of 24 hours with a maximum of 60 within our two week pay period. You can schedule yourself a 24-hour shift (7a-7a), a front 12 (7a-7p) or a back 12 (7p-7a). We follow the same ABC schedule as Memphis Fire. Current pay rate is $12.60 per hour worked. Must be able to pass a background check along with drug/alcohol screening. If you are interested, please contact Chief Jon Piercey at If you have any questions, please contact the station phone @ 901-305-2991 and speak with the officer on duty. Part-Time positions are limited and will remain open until filled.