Permit fee is $35.00 per hang tag or a one day pass for $5.00 for the entire day. One day passes are to be purchased at the landfill with cash/check/credit/debit card.                                      

The Landfill is open Tuesday-Friday 6:30am-5:30pm, and Saturday 6:30am-5:00pm.  Closed EVERY Sunday and Monday.

Holiday Closings
New Year's Day
Good Friday
4th of July
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day and Day After
Christmas Day

Tipton County Public Works operates a Class III / IV Landfill in Brighton.  The landfill is located approximately 0.70 mile South of our main office.  We also operate a Convenience and Recycling Center at the same location.  Below is a brief description of materials that are accepted at these facilities.  Permits are required for entry and use of the landfill or convenience center.  A permit may be obtained at Tipton County Public Works or you may print out a form here and mail.

Class III / IV Landfill - This is a demolition and yard waste facility.  Most of the items that we take are any type of construction waste (ie., old sheetrock, roofing materials, insulation) and yard wastes (ie., leaves, brush, grass clippings).  If you have any questions about whether the material that you have can be brought to the landfill please call 837-5907.

Convenience Center - The Center is open to accept any type of everyday household waste.  This would consist of any material that you would generally throw away in your bathroom or kitchen garbage.  Materials not accepted at this facility would be anything considered a household hazardous waste.  A list of such items would be unused paint, fertilizer, pesticides or petroleum products.  There is a annual event to dispose of these items.  Look for a sign at the landfill or call Public Works for the next event.

Recycling Center - Currently the recycling center takes the following materials: Cardboard, newsprint, plastics, aluminum cans and scrap metals.  We are going to expand the operation with a grant that we have applied for with the State of Tennessee.   Look for a new building coming soon to the landfill.  We will be accepting more recyclables and instituting a buy back program for aluminum cans.

Commercial Haulers and Businesses - All Commercial Haulers are required to pay for disposal at the Landfill.  The rate of disposal is $7.00 per yard and punch cards must be purchased in advance at the Tipton County Public Works Office with a copy of your Tipton County business license or proof that the waste is coming from Tipton County for subcontractors.  Recyclable materials will not have a charge placed upon them if the business is willing to help separate materials.