County Executive

County Executive

The County Executive's Office directs, organizes, and coordinates county government activities and oversees the daily operations of the county. The County Executive is the Chief Executive Officer of the County. In addition to the operations of the County Executive's Office, the following departments are supervised by the County Executive: Building Codes Department, Planning and Zoning, GIS and Building Maintenance.  Click here to contact the County Attorney relative to matters related to law.

The County Executive Office has released the approved Three Star Strategic Economic Development Plan 2011-2015. Click here to see what the future holds for Tipton County. 

Jeff Huffman, County Executive 

Nancy Huelsing, Administrative Assistant

Tipton County Courthouse
Covington, TN 38019
PO Box 686 
Phone: 901-476-0200
Fax: 901-476-0227