County Departments

Use the links at the bottom to navigate to a specific department. Below is an alphabetical list of the various departments in Tipton County with a brief description of the department function.

911 Tipton County Emergency Communications
If there is an emergency, dial 911 directly. The Tipton County Emergency Communications District provides centralized dispatch of emergency services coordinating the response of all agencies to all emergencies inside the Cities, Towns, and County.

Board of Education
The mission of the Tipton County Board of Education is to develop lifelong learners with the knowledge and thinking skills necessary to successfully meet challenges of the present and future through well trained staff, quality instruction, technological advancements, support services, and safe, positive learning environment.

Budget & Accounts
The Budget & Accounts Department includes the county's purchasing, accounts payable and payroll.

County Attorney
The County Attorney is appointed by the County Commission and reports on county matters related to the law. 

County Clerk
The County Clerk's Office handles motor vehicle transactions, genealogy records, issues marriage licenses, business licenses, certified copies of birth certificates and notary public applications.

County Executive
The County Executive is the chief administrative officer of County Government and is elected directly by the voters of Tipton County for a four-year term of office.

Courts include the Chancery, Circuit, General Sessions, and Juvenile courts.

Drug Free Tipton
Drug Free Tipton is all about prevention. Our goal is to lower substance misuse rates in Tipton County by stopping the problem before it starts. We identify community gaps and partner with people to come up with solutions. We are proud to say that we have brought in over $2 million, but more importantly, we celebrate the fact that we have seen a drop in substance misuse rates in our youth.

Election Commission
The Election Commission is responsible for the planning, conducting and administration of all municipal, county, state and federal elections held in Tipton County. We also maintain the voter registration records of Tipton County citizens.

Emergency Management
The Covington-Tipton County Emergency Management Agency develops plans and procedures that would provide the most effective and efficient coordination of resources available in the mitigation of, planning and preparedness for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters.

Fire Protection
The mission of the Tipton County Fire Department is to provide the highest quality fire-rescue prevention, protection and suppression services for our residents; to achieve and maintain the most attractive ISO rating for residential and commercial structures so that fire insurance premiums are minimized; and to provide educational and other services to Tipton County and its visitors. We aim to meet the emergency needs of our County and to conduct ourselves as professionals with compassion and efficiency.

The Tipton County GIS Department is responsible for coordinating GIS data sharing among participating agencies on the GIS Board, and with creating base map layers for use by these agencies and the public.

Health Department
The Tipton County Health Department offers public health services in conjunction with the State Department of Public Health.

HTL Advantage
HTL Advantage is a three county economic development coalition that began with a set of specific goals on how to improve existing businesses and how to bring new industries into Haywood, Tipton, and Lauderdale (HTL) counties.

IT Operations
The Information Technology Operations Department is responsible for coordinating technology efforts for numerous Elected Offices and Departments offering Cybersecurity & IT Support to include computers, phones, internet services providers, vendors, email, networks, hardware and troubleshooting.

Keep Tipton County Beautiful
Keep Tipton County Beautiful was created to educate people about ways to eliminate litter and improve citizen awareness of ways to conserve natural resources.

Planning & Development
The Planning & Development Department oversees building inspection, subdivision regulations, county zoning, and code enforcement. In addition, the State of Tennessee Division of Groundwater Protection, housed in the same office as Planning & Development, provides septic tank inspections and permits as well as water quality monitoring.

Property Assessor
The Property Assessor's Office discovers, lists, classifies, and values all property within the jurisdiction of Tipton County for tax purposes.

Public Works
The Public Works Department is responsible for road and bridge maintenance, oversight of new road construction, management of the county's landfill, and animal control services.

Register of Deeds
The principal duty of the County Register's Office is to record deeds and other instruments required or allowed to be filed by law; as stated in Tennessee Code 66-24-101.

Some services provided by the Sheriff's Office are neighborhood watch, child fingerprinting, and senior citizen watch.

The Trustee serves as a treasurer for the county collecting all monies related to property taxes and other incomes.

Veterans Services
The Veterans Services Office provides assistance for Tipton County veterans.